Kathmandu A dirty Capital

Story from Annapurna Post

Kathmandu, A dirty Capital – Story published in Annapurna Post National Daily, Kathmandu
Pitambar Sigdel

With in a decade air pollution has grown at an alarming rate in the kathamndu valley. The latest government monitoring report shows pollution has increased 40 percent in last 5 years. Now capital has turned as one of the dirtiest cities in the world. The average PM10 in katmandu is now reached at 400 (more than 7 times of WHO standards)
Air is contaminated with particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and nitrous oxide. Rapid growth of old vehicles, poor fuel combustion (adulterated vehicles fuel), broken dusty roads, are the main contributing factors to air pollution. The bowl shaped physiography, and the resulting inversion effect in the atmosphere intensify the air pollution by trapping the foul air within the valleys’ immediate atmosphere.

Kathmandu is facing serious environmental problems. Spontaneous urbanization, rising human growth, increased polluting vehicles and industries, centralized development activities, etc., have been gradually degrading the living environment in the capital city.According to the experts Vehicles, expanding roads are the main source of pollution.Visibility was also severely reduced. In addition, studies indicate that poor air quality is taking a toll on human health and health costs. Around 6000 premature deaths yearly.

Climate change and Lightning

Lightening is being a serious problem in Nepal in the latest years. According to data provided by home ministry at least 170 people are killed every year. 24 people have been killed in last two weeks of April.One of the Lightening export Dr. Shree Ram sharma, a Professor from Amrit science college Kathmandu explore some evidence to the relation between climate change and the lightening. “Accident of lightening is increased While temperate rise ” Dr. Sharma said. The government of Nepal has never gives priority on the issues, Even not doing any awareness program to save life…My latest Piece from Annapurna Post (Sorry It is in Nepali language)

Least Developed Countries will not be complicit in farce leading toward a 4°C warmer world

The Least Developed Countries group (LDCs) on UNFCCC, urges Parties to show leadership to achieve real and substantial progress on the negotiation. As a New chair of the group Mr. Prakash Mathema from Nepal, stressed to control the temperature below 1.5 in the first negotiation meeting at Bonn. The LDC Group has continuously stressed that they will be the most seriously hit by the impacts of climate change. Mathema stressed Delay in action against climate change is not an option for the group.