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Malhi and Gulab –Gardners and Roses


This story focuses the issue of increasing trend of urbanization, grabbing the most fertile land, specifically the land of once scenic rose gardens located near Hyderabad city which are declining fast. The famous rose growers either are selling their land to builders for urbanization or replacing the rose plants with other crops, depriving people of these scenes, which they used to visit frequently, hardly a few years back.

The theme is taken from the rose gardens, growers and then I interviewed rose sellers, who have different stories to tell: “how the trend of selling or buying fresh roses is declining and why the people prefer to have artificial rose, bouquets at their homes or worship places. Even youth offers artificial rose gifts to their loved ones on the occasion of Valentine Day.”

These are the points rose growers and traders narrate during talks.

The specific area near Hyderabad city was known as rose gardens because, growers say, the weather is pleasant for this beautiful plants and their product. It was the major market of the country, Pakistan till 25–30 years back, which used to supply truck loads daily to different cities. Water shortage is also the reason for cutting plants to have alternate. And now the area has declined for the reason mentioned above.

Growers say the artificial rose bouquets have dominated the urban market and looking no option they are changing the mind to have another crop to grow there.

However, 64-year old gardener Qadir Bakhsh Mallah says his great grandfather started this crop cultivation, and then his grandfather, his father, he himself and now his son continued to keep the rose gardens intact and is still optimistic to see the prosperous market for the product.

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