Environmental pollution and human activities



Environmental pollution and human activities without proper maintenance mistreatment and neglect of Sindh Governement departments, the Wetlands of Sindh are now losing their existence. Due to negligence the irrigation Department, Sindh Wildlife Department & EPA Sindh (Environment Protection Agency ) Manchar, Khanjar, Jaboo Lagoon, Dock Lagoon & Haleji Lake have posed serious threats, due to shortage of water and aquatic life in the lakes, inflow record of birds has decreased. According to experts if serious action will not be taken the Sindh pose a serious shortage of Water in the future including depletion of aquatic life and fear that peoples will be unemployed.

The authentic sources told to the “ Jang “ that the construction activities around the lake Khanjar, the biodiversity of the lake has been the victim of threats and polluted industrial water and city sewage has contaminated the lake Khanjar. Agricultural and industrial waste as well as human health has been severely damaged aquatic life.

The agricultural substances are also effluent in Khanjar Lake which causing the bushes and grass spontaneous agricultural substances by providing the nutrition that their growing bushes because of their damage is not only fish but also birds are disturbed to find their foods.

The hazardous chemicals in lake, fish breeding generation has dangerous implications which set number of fish has decreased significantly. Haleji ( which is also famous as “ The Paradise of the Birds” ) now suffering from acute shortage of water. Due to acute shortage of water here migrated birds significantly decreased. The Haleji also lost his attractive.

Recently, experts have recommended more water for lake Haleji, the said lake is also have a rank of protect game sanctuary, situated 3 Kilometer from National Highway.

Manchar which is a largest lake in Pakistan have server threats. In 2010, the incompetence Department of Irrigation its one Dam damage which is not yet re-construct.

The construction work still can not starts at the bridge of Zero Point , MC & AFP.

The three doors of Danstruah were not repaired for last 37 years. In 1994 the doors of Danstruach were broken which was a great diaster. Government ofPakistan must take proper care of these historical sites If proper actions were not taken these beautiful Wetlands will lose its importance.


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