Climate change raises primary dropout rate

Practitioners say climate change raises the volume of people migrating to the cities as well as poverty. Consequently working and poor children frequently drop out of schools, they say. Containment of this dropout rate has become a challenge for Bangladesh education minister Nurul Islam Nahid. He says even midday meals and stipends are not working anymore. According to government figures, 99.47 children regularly attend school. But how many of them actually do attend remains in doubt. There are 7.4 million working children in Bangladesh. Of them, 78 percent have never even been to school because the families have never been able to settle in one place. And among those who go to school, 60.6 percent are compelled to leave the institution because of poverty. According to a UNICEF official, about half of all domestic helps do not spend more than a year with one employer. As a result this group has a high dropout rate. 

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