Fruits of Northern Pakistan are effected by Climatic Change

Senior Scientific Officer Jehangir Shah of  PCSIR Labs. Peshawar  told in his interview to NBS Radio Pakistan Peshawar that the fruits of Northern areas of Pakistan are effected by C.C. The size and quality of the fruits are effected for which these fruits are loosing markets.If the govt. and public will not take steps and adapt  to the changing environment the people will have no other choice but  migrate to urban areas of the country.Northern areas are too much prone to the climatic changes as the experts say that fruits are becoming smaller in size and are loosing taste.The alternative is to introduce new forms of fruit which can adapt to the changing environment. Mr.Jehangir Shah said they have advised the concerned departments  (like agriculture department etc)and the public of the areas to make the arrangements  well in time other wise they will be too late.Fruits are one of the basic lively hood of the peoples of Northern Pakistan, and the residents of these area are going to loose it due to climatic change if the problem is not addressed properly and in time.

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