Effect of Climate Change: Saltiness Rises in Agricultural Land

Yasmin Reema

30th January 2014;Greenbarta.com

Recently, Begum Motia Chaudhury, the minister of agriculture department, answered a question in the parliament of the people’s republic of Bangladesh that, now the amount of salty land is about 10.65 lakh hector. Last 40 years, the salty land has been raised in 23 lakh hector. From 2002 to this time 0.39% land affected in saltiness. Saltiness rise every year and the rate is about 27%.

According to the mirtrika sompod unnayan institute (SRGI) where in 1997, the salty land was about 45.35% was raised in 63%, which is a matter of tension. At present in coastal area and south west areas almost every river big or small submerge in salty water and these water enter into cultivable land and so they become salty.

148 kilometers north from sea line, 100 Upazillas cultivable lands become the fray of aggression. Recent years, due to climate change sea level rose and Padma Rivers water became lessen, and salty sea water entered. As a result of saltiness, agricultural production became obstacle for a long time. Two core people live in 13 districts of the southern region of the country. Most of the people’s occupation is agriculture. But as a result of the misbehavior climate and human created sufferings agricultural occupation falls in a great risk.

According to a report of center for global change, there are three cause of saltiness in the coastal area. Firstly, the rivers which come from upper land, water flow have lessened 60 %causes saltiness. Secondly, withdrawing underground water and thirdly the global warming which melt ice and so raise sea level, as a result the salty sea water enter into the cultivable land. Beside this, salty sea water entrance could not be stopped by the damn made 4 decades ago. Beside this AILA and SIDR affected 466 kilometers damn could not be rebuilt completely so salty sea water enter in to the damn and 1 lakh acre lands became uncultivable.

Dr. Ahsan Uddin , scientist of climate, director of center for global change said, “if there is a question the climate change is the responsible for the change of the world, my answer my answer is short and it is “yes”. If the climate change would not occur and the temperature of the sea level would not rise regularly, scientifically it is impossible to occur several down word pressure


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