Result of Climate Change Declined Invest in Coastal Area

 Yasmin Reema

31st January 2014;

Bangladesh Institute of Social Research (BISR) reported in their research on the villages of coastal area that women became the worse victim for climate change. Women face discrimination both in wage earning and getting relief given by the government and the NGO’s. Women are getting little opportunity in the activities at the time of calamity and after calamity management. People lost interest in investing permanently. People also don’t want to buy boat and net. They are not interested even in buying house hold goods. Many people feel safer to collect cash money and gold for natural calamity.


19 districts of coastal area are on the risk of natural calamity and climate change. Long time ago natural calamity in large scale would happened in terms of 15-20 years but now it happens in 2-3 years after. According to the German watch and maple craft Bangladesh is in the top position in the risk of natural calamity is respect of other risky country. Recent occurred cyclone SIDR (2007), AILA (2009), and Mohasen (2013) attacked on the coastal area of Bangladesh. Beside this coastal erosion, flood, blocked water, rising sea level, saltiness affects greatly on the life and earning of the people of the coastal area.

A research of Columbian University showed that Bangladesh is in third position in respect of death rate and decline GDP due to natural disaster and according to the World Bank Bangladesh is in top position in this case.

According to the research of BISR, to protect women from natural calamity some technique was taken. The techniques are of three types. Chief administrator of BISR, Dr.khurshed Alam said in this regard where as women worked only in household now they are involved in earning works with men. Giving example he said women are working in cutting mud, collecting small fish, processing dry fish, cultivating vegetables, cultivating battle leaf, and many other crops rising cattle’s and taking social foresting.

Government and NGO’s help financially every year. But it is seen that the financial development is not coming quickly. Beside this there is no alternative long lasting work place for women from where they can earn regularly. Beside this, when the fishing season are finished male people stay at home for a long time. At the time women take loan from NGO’s and male members take money with high interest and they enter into the circle of loan. So family quarrel and early marriage with dowry is occurred normally. Child labor is rising. Face obstacle of spreading education. Women and children become sexual harassed and they attacked by physical and mental disease.

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