Climate Change- challenge yet opportunity for women

This is about three women from different walks of life, in different level, empowering each other to rise against the hardship caused by Climate Change. We have talked to Nanu Ghatani from Kavre, Phoolbari, Shobha Karki from Sindhuli along with Dibya Gurung from the organisation WOCAN, which is working to empower the women against the impact of climate change.

Box composting at home. methane gas reduction in landfill site

Box Composting is a simple process of composting solid organic waste at household level. It costs almost nothing whereas the solid wastes dumped in the landfill site yields big amount of methane and other gases, which are considered to be the major causes of CC. Engineer Tost Raj Chhetri demonstrates box composting.

Biodiversity maintained, happiness regained

On context of Godavari Kunda Community Forest members’ effort to clean the river track that flows down to many downhill areas in Lalitpur, the locals shared their experiences of deforestation of the forest and the harsh consequences they faced then after. But the continuous effort of local has brought a noticeable difference in the availability of water and increase in the yield in the area. The people who once were cutting trees to earn few hundred rupees are now giving scholarship to many students and running micro credits to help farmers with the money they gain from the community

Water Scarcity disturbs age old Social Harmony in Peri Urban Kathmandu-I

Part 1– Change in weather and raining pattern (as experienced by locals of Peri Urban Areas in and near Kathmandu) has affected the traditional ways of farming and also their livestyles.The changes in raining pattern have resulted in the water scarcity which has ignited communal conflicts in the society. New varieties of weeds and pests have emerged challenging the traditional knowhow in the field. Nepal Engineering College has collected many such examples during its research on “Impact of Climate Change on water scarcity in Peri Urban Areas”. Research Associate Anushiya Joshi talks about it.

RTF- Is it an answer to CC mitigation in urban??

Roof top farming- Is it an answer in fighting the effects of Climate Change at least in the urban areas? A pilot program was launched in Kathmandu by Kathmandu Municipality, supported by UN Habitat and RUAF Foundation. Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) and Institute for Social and Environment Transition Nepal , ISET are working together with Kathmandu Municipality. Emma Karki and Minakshi Chhetri, research officers in ISET Nepal, talk about the findings of the research.