low visibility on roads and motorways in Pakistan

Now a days if one goes on Motorway from Islamabad to Peshawar or to Lahore he experiences low visibility and high mist or fog. The problem persist in Pakistan but now it is very common and irritates the public. One of the cause for this is going back to fossil fuel i.e.,diesel and petrol from natural gas.The problem of natural gas and load shedding is mainly due to bad management and is also attributed to corruption.
Going through all the available material on the natural gas problem and carrying the research on the issue of gas availability it was observed that the problem is very complicated. Actual data is not shown any where and not available.Pakistan is a resourceful country and has many huge deposits of gas and petroleum.
In Capital city of Pakistan Islamabad there is no CNG available for running vehicles and gas station are closed.The vehicles are run by petroleum and diesel which is causing and emitting green house gases and APHS,sulfur and other metals which form aerosol in the air and when temperature comes down in the evening dense fog is forme and the visibility is reduced to the range between 10 to 30 meters and in some areas it is zero.
This is also effecting the climate of the region.
The problem is multidimensional and needs due attraction.

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Climatic change in South Asia

Climatic change is the main cause for melting of glaciers.And one of the the main pollutant responsible for rise in temperature is the smoke and gases produced by burning of fossil fuels.The research carried out at Peshawar indicated that that the number of vehicles in Peshawar increased from 1999 to 2012 more than seven folds.The research was carried out to know the impact of used engine oil in the study area.The aerosol is formed in the air by the escaping gases from the collar of the vehicles.Which is also main cause for the fog formation on the motorway from Peshawar to Islamabad.
The number of vehicles in Hindukush and Himalayan region has increased tremendously and all these vehicles run by Fossil fuel which on burning generate green house gases such as CO,CO2 and in CNG run vehicle methane gas also escape to air.These gases are causing the rise of temperature and so melting of glaciers has also increased.
Another finding of the study is the burning of used engine oil in brick kilns.In the brick kiln used engine oil is used as a chief source of energy and in the brick kiln it is used with other burning material e.g.,wood etc to enhance burning.The used engine oil burn incompletely releasing metals and green gases to the environment.
The policy makers of the region must consider this factor to mitigate the effect of vehicle contribution.

Key words Alternative energy, fossil fuels, green house gases, Used engine oil, climatic change,temperature rise ,global warming,CC.

Climatic Change is effecting the life in Northen part of Pakistan

The life of Northern areas in Pakistan is prone to effects of climatic change.The devastating rains which flooded the houses and farms and fields of the people were due to climatic change the experts say. Northern areas of Pakistan are hilly and mountainous areas having a large population solely dependent on fruits,and agriculture.But due to climatic changes,the changes in temperatures and shifting in the moon soon seasons the crops are badly effected.The floods have added to it more.
The public of the area need to be educated to adapt to the climatic changes and earn their livelihood.The international community must come forward with humanitarian assistance for adapting,educating and helping of the people of these areas.

Pakistan must secure her natural resources,minimize water loss and the factors responsible for climatic change.

Pakistan conservation manager speaks on CC 07’07’2013Pakistan has a large amount of water which must be conserved and water loss must be minimized.She has one of the largest irrigation system of the world.Where a large amount of water is lost.The water stored in the glacier form which is lost due to climatic change must be conserved by minimizing the factors responsible for climatic change and global warming.The WWWf Pakistan conservation Manager Muhammad Zafar Khan said in an interview with Radio Pakistan Gilgit representative that Pakistan can minimize water loss and conserve it through public private partnership.Pakistan must conserve her natural resources and make its use sustainable to meet her future necessities.The northern areas like Gilgit,Hunza and Baltistan are prone to climatic change and other calamities.
Pakistan northern areas did not come out of Atta Abad lake saga which was formed due to glacier melting and land sliding ,and resulted in the submersion of a large portion of K.K. highway.


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PCSIR Labs are promoting green technology through technology business incubators.

PCSIR Laboratories are promoting the green technology through their technology business incubators .They are trying to convince the public to invest in the technology on demand and requirement basis in Khyber Pukhunkhwa. They help the investor to to produce products look for markets and establish business on the research and findings of the scientists of the Labs.This step will be very helpful in promoting green technology which is environment friendly.
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The suspended particles present in air on motorway form atmospheric nuclei which by combination with water lead to fog formation.

Vehicular pollution is responsible for fog formation on the motorway in Pakistan.Scientist in Peshawar say that particles coming from vehicular pollution form nuclie which in turn on combination with water present in the air for fog.This fog is a big hurdle for traffic on the motorway in Pakistan.This fog is also responsible for throat irritation,drop in visibility and results in accidents and closure of the motorway.

Principal Scientific Officer Shahid Faruq informed in his radio interview that the chemicals present in the fog in the presence of light rays react and lead to photochemical reactions and their products are skin sensitive. These vehicular pollutants and their products also contribute to green house effects and climatic changes.
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GHG and cfc are the main causes of global warming.In Pakistan vehicular pollution has increased along with other forms of pollution.

Principal Scientific Officer pointed out that the gas emission from vehicles and cfc are the main causes of global warming and climatic change.Industrial pollution is adding to air,water and soil pollution and all these lead to climatic change.The gases form a shield around the globe and contain heat energy weather, albedop ,emitted or reflected from any other source and so the temperature increase which is changing the routine rains ,melting the ice and also polluting the surface and ground water.If these are not controlled and the energy sector is not made environment friendly we must wait for deadly out come.


2005 and 2010 floods in Pakistan due to climate change

Pakistan saw a flood in 2005 due to ice melting and another one in 2010 due to climatic change but still has done nothing to face such a situation in future.There is no advance flood warning system,says Engineer Abdulwali Yousafzai.

Engineer Abdul Wali Yousafzai, a specialist and expert in hydrology said that Pakistan witnessed two devastating floods in 2005 and 2010 due to climatic change and global warming.In 2005 excessive melting of ice cape due to sudden rise in temperature and another in 2010 due to combination of other factors.He said the country must take adaptive measures to meet any other such type of emergency.He said we requested gov. of Pakistan several times but there is no response to install advance flood warning system.He revealed that if such systems are installed in the hilly and mountanous areas of Chitral, Dir ,swat and other areas we will have 12 to 21 hours time for Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and more than a week for Punjab and Sindh to make preparations and meet the crises and move public to safe sites.But still we are waiting for Gov. response.
He further said that we have made the request repeatedly but in vain and if the floods of intensity like that of 2005 or 2010 occur we will witness more horrifying results than the lost one.

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