Medicinal Plants depleting in Northern Pakistan due to Climatic Change and anthropogenic activities.

Principal Scientific Officer of PCSIR Labs. Peshawar Mr. Shahid Faruq  revealed in his radio interview that in Pakistan there are more than 10010 species of Medicinal plants in Pakistan.More than 300 are these high altitude areas.Some of the plants are depleting due to their high value and are exported to other countries.

Mr.Shaid Faruq is a Botanist and has co-authored  a book on medicinal plants of Pakistan and is carrying research on medicinal plants.He was invited  to our live programme “Climatic Change and its effect” broadcast live from PBC Peshawar on NBS(NCAC) Network for three days.

Mr.Shahid Faruq also revealed that 9 species are endemic to northern Pakistan and are exploited too much.One specie is used for antimalarial drug in China.

Global warming and excessive anthropogenic  activities ,over population and floods are the main cause for the depletion of these species.He said that anthropogenic activities are the main cause for this world heritage loss.

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Fruits of Northern Pakistan are effected by Climatic Change

Senior Scientific Officer Jehangir Shah of  PCSIR Labs. Peshawar  told in his interview to NBS Radio Pakistan Peshawar that the fruits of Northern areas of Pakistan are effected by C.C. The size and quality of the fruits are effected for which these fruits are loosing markets.If the govt. and public will not take steps and adapt  to the changing environment the people will have no other choice but  migrate to urban areas of the country.Northern areas are too much prone to the climatic changes as the experts say that fruits are becoming smaller in size and are loosing taste.The alternative is to introduce new forms of fruit which can adapt to the changing environment. Mr.Jehangir Shah said they have advised the concerned departments  (like agriculture department etc)and the public of the areas to make the arrangements  well in time other wise they will be too late.Fruits are one of the basic lively hood of the peoples of Northern Pakistan, and the residents of these area are going to loose it due to climatic change if the problem is not addressed properly and in time.

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Northern Areas of Pakistan and climatic change effects

Senior Scientific Officer Jehangir,of PCSIR Peshawar during his interview for NBS Radio Pakistan said that during the last decade Pakistan saw a long period of drought and later on heavy devastating rains which caused a heavy damage to the infrastructure of the country and its agriculture sector.Houses were destroyed and field were washed.All these are due to climatic change.He further said that the C.C. has effected fruits and vegetables, in size,nutrition values etc,which in turn is causing the economic loss to the natives of the areas.

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Mr.Mushtaq Alishah said that from the fast flood we have learned and in collaboration wit C.C. ministry have installed monitoring system and updated early warning system. HE said that we cannot predict earth quack but for flood early warning system is operative and the public of northern Pakistan is also aware and are helpful.


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Pakistan is aware of Climatic Change ,says Reg.Dir.Met Mushtaq Alishah To Rashid Ahmad in His Radio Interview

Met department  is working in collaboration with Climatic Change ministry to mitigate the effects of climatic change.They have Monitoring station in defferent parts of the country to monitor the C.C. and have developed their early warning system.Talking to NBS Radio Pakistan regional Director Met.Department Peshawar Mushtaq Alisha  said that from Nepal experience of ice melting  we have learned too much and we have updated our system.He further said that the public awarness is very impartant in this regards.

Climatic Change in northern areas of pakistan.interview with Regional Dir.Met.Depatt.Peshawar KPK.

Climatic Change is very obvious in the Northern Region of Pakistan, Chitral, Gilgit and Baltistan. Met .Depatt. is working with Climatic Change Ministry to inform the public ,creat awareness  collaboration Agriculture department.Regional Director Mr Mushtaq Alishah said in an interview .He said that after floods in Nepal due to global warming and glacier melting we are aware of the problem which can also occur here.He said that we have improved our system of early warning but still need to be improved.

Climatic Change is effecting the region and its effects are very clear in Pakistan,says Dr.Nafees

Dr.M.Nafees an active researcher and environmentalist said in his interview to NBS Peshawar ,Radio Pakistan that  global warming is causing climatic change.He said due to human activities ,population explosion and other activities the emission of green house gases has increased many folds which are causing the temperature  to rise which in turn causes the glacier and ice to melt and rise water level in rivers.Floods comes and devastates the land.Crops and fruits are effected due to this temperature change.
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