World Environment Day-Think Eat Save

Radio feature on Environment Day on Hot FM 105, Pakistan. We’re talking about not wasting resources including food, the easy way! Produced by Desiree Francis

How Agroforestry can help Pakistani farmers

In this radio feature, Desiree Francis talks about Agroforestry to her listeners. Her guest who has over 30 years of experience with forests speaks about why this is beneficial for Pakistan…

Electricity crisis, water crisis and more. How Climate Change is changing Pakistan

Climate change is an issue that the common needs to understand. Through radio Desiree Francis attempts to pass on this understanding to her listeners and make them hear what experts say on the issue.

A farmer boy from Badin brings back his family and cattle to a less flooded area.-By Desiree Francis

Sindh’s migratory birds

As Pakistani media was busy giving immense coverage to the elections held on May 11, the feature broadcast later talks about the declining species near Sindh’s coastal areas due to declining mangroves and extreme weather conditions…..

(Produced by Desiree Francis for Hot FM Radio Network, Pakistan)

Women on the frontline of climate change


“In a tattered mud-and-twigs hut, some 16 kilometers away from Jati Tehsil in Thatta district, Hanifa lights up her cigarette confidently telling us she can handle a natural disaster if it comes. She sounds pretty brave as she narrates her tales of survival from a series of natural disasters in the last two decades….” Desiree Francis writes…
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Hanifa and her villagers talk to the scribe in her hut.