On 22nd December 1992 the general assembly of United Nations announce to celebrate world water day on 22nd march. Nature has gifted Pakistan with natural resources as well as water resources, and we are not using this resources on proper way. Every year the amount of water which are waste on sea without using it make many dollars. In 1951 the water resources in Pakistan were 5650 cubic meter but in 2002 it was recorded 1400 cubic meter, it is 1000 cubic meter .It is written in the report of UN that the amount of water flash in the washroom of developed country , with that amount of water the living things of the other world use for their drinking purpose, for the making of meal and for washing clothes. The use of water increases day by day. According to UNESCO the citizens of developed countries uses 10% more water than the developing countries. Developed countries uses 500 to 800litres of water daily and the developing countries uses 60 to 150litres. If the use of water will remain same then after 25 years the water will not be enough for human beings in the Earth. According to report of UNESCO there are 263 countries which are connected to each other by river. There are 145 countries in which river flow from the border of one country and enters into other country, Pakistan and India are also included in these countries. The 263 rivers have one-third part in the middle of more than two countries. According to report the seven wars have been fought in the world. The UN introduces water day to stop the misuse of water, but the developed countries are not in the control of UN so which effect they would face for not making the water day? Pakistan must solve their water problems with Afghanistan and India so Pakistan have to inform UN and UN will help Pakistan only in that case if Pakistan will carefully make Dams and stop the misuse of water.

 story about PROTECTION OF GREEN TURTLES EGGS. near about 1000 turtles came in pakistan karachi beach .each turtle give a 100 eggs during augest to november .pakistani beach best beach all over the world for turtles beading .

 story about PROTECTION OF GREEN TURTLES EGGS. near about 1000 turtles came in pakistan karachi beach .each turtle give a 100 eggs during augest to november .pakistani beach best beach all over the world for turtles beading .





The Industrial Waste of the Kothri and Nooriabad are present in the water of KB Feder to Kanjhar lake,which are dangerous for the human being and the underwater species.The solutions were made for this problem but it was temporary,the industrial waste and poisionous water will again enter in to the Kanjhar lake.The Managing Director of Karachi water and saverage board seriously said that after the notice from Department of Environment and Industry for the last two years ,there were no steps taken to solve this problem

Looming threats of acute shortage of water due to lack of protection of the Wetlands

Looming threats of acute shortage of water due to lack of protection of the Wetlands

Industrial affluent is entering in in Keenjhar Lake and other water resources, Climate Change is also affecting the water resources – Seminar
Karachi (Jamshed Bukhar): Due to Climate Change and by not protecting the water resources and wetlands, Pakistan will face acute water shortage in the future. Besides, it can also affect the crops which can create food shortage. These thoughts were expressed by the speakers at a Seminar organized by IUCN (an international organization for the protection of nature) in collaboration with the Sindh Coastal Development Authority and Fisheries at Keenjhar Lake (Thatta) on the World Wetlands Day.
Besides, students of the colleges, various experts from different sectors also participated in the Seminar.
Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Country Representative of IUCN Pakistan, Mr. Shamsul Haq Memon, Consultant, Sindh Coastal Development Authority, Director General Fisheries, Sindh, Mr. Ghulam Mohammad Meher and Project Director, Sindh Coastal Development Authority also spoke in the Seminar, whereas Director General, Sindh Coastal Authority, Mr. Muhammad Pathan was the special guest at the occasion.
Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema said that consumption of water has increased with the increase in the population. We used to have per capita 5,000-6,000 cusecs of water which has been reduced to 1,000 cusecs. Due to Climate Change and improper system there will be shortage of water. Sometimes heavy rains can cause floods and sometimes dryspells can affect the crops.
Shamsul Haq Memon said that conservation of wetlands is extremely important for the economic development. Wetlands are not only major source of food, but also provide wood and fodder for the cattle and other needs of life. They provide livelihoods to thousands of people. But now the wetlands are facing a lot of threats due to Climate Change. They are facing natural and man-made calamities. Ghulam Qadir Shah said that Pakistan has 230 wetlands out of them 46 are protected areas spanning over 1500 hactres of land. These wetlands play crucial role in the growth of mangroves. A patch of 600 meter mangrove forest can reduce the effect of the Tsumani wave upto 80%. These wetlands provide habitat to a lot of animals. Now the affluent from the Kotri Industrial area is being released into Keenjhar Lake which extremely hazardous for human health. They said that if the protection will not provided to the wetlands, the coming generations will face a lot of problem in the future.


The numbers of Siberian migratory birds recorded decreased due to poaching and climate change, although.

The numbers of Siberian migratory birds recorded decreased due to poaching and climate change, although. These birds are now began go back, but Sindh Wildlife Department or any authority have no any certificate the records of these evacuee birds.

The data of these migratory birds can not be release as yet, although their arrival started from October. A large number of exotic & colourful birds including Harriers, Kindfishers, Flamingos, Falcons, Geese, Swans, Cranes, Mallards, Waders, Cormorant, Mallards, White Ibis, Herons , Spoonbills, Egrets and Flamingos spend their migrated periods at the wetlands of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh. These birds also spent 4 to 5 months at Guddo Barrage, Drigh Lake, Lake Mancher , Haleji Lake, Khanjer Lake and adjacent areas of Indus Delta.

Lack of proper maintenance of the said Wetlands by the number of birds has decreased significantly. According to the wildlife experts now these beautiful birds migrating India and Iran instead Pakistan. During the decade of 80’s and 90’s more than 12 million and 670 species of migratory birds arrived at the said lakes from Indus Migrated Route No.4

They Birds comes here from Siberia for search of food through a distance of 4 thousand kilometers off the coast of Pakistan and, to descend rivers and wetlands in Pakistan. In the first phase, the birds stay at the lakes in Kazakhstan followed by different ranges of Karakoram in Pakistan.

The numbers of Siberian migratory birds recorded decreased due to poaching and climate change, although.
From 1986 to 1990, the largest bird stay at the lake Haleji, where installed a Birds Ranking Station, put on the rings in foot of some birds. In the 90 decade there was 223 species & 2 million birds arrived at the Lake Haleji. However, the shortage of water into Lake Haleji and poaching has reduced the numbers of Birds, while numbers of birds in the Lake Khanjer also decreased. These birds also sold in the different area in Badin

The wildlife experts say that if there was not stop the illegal hunting of birds in Sindh the arrivals of the migratory birds will be turned off.


Environmental pollution and human activities



Environmental pollution and human activities without proper maintenance mistreatment and neglect of Sindh Governement departments, the Wetlands of Sindh are now losing their existence. Due to negligence the irrigation Department, Sindh Wildlife Department & EPA Sindh (Environment Protection Agency ) Manchar, Khanjar, Jaboo Lagoon, Dock Lagoon & Haleji Lake have posed serious threats, due to shortage of water and aquatic life in the lakes, inflow record of birds has decreased. According to experts if serious action will not be taken the Sindh pose a serious shortage of Water in the future including depletion of aquatic life and fear that peoples will be unemployed.

The authentic sources told to the “ Jang “ that the construction activities around the lake Khanjar, the biodiversity of the lake has been the victim of threats and polluted industrial water and city sewage has contaminated the lake Khanjar. Agricultural and industrial waste as well as human health has been severely damaged aquatic life.

The agricultural substances are also effluent in Khanjar Lake which causing the bushes and grass spontaneous agricultural substances by providing the nutrition that their growing bushes because of their damage is not only fish but also birds are disturbed to find their foods.

The hazardous chemicals in lake, fish breeding generation has dangerous implications which set number of fish has decreased significantly. Haleji ( which is also famous as “ The Paradise of the Birds” ) now suffering from acute shortage of water. Due to acute shortage of water here migrated birds significantly decreased. The Haleji also lost his attractive.

Recently, experts have recommended more water for lake Haleji, the said lake is also have a rank of protect game sanctuary, situated 3 Kilometer from National Highway.

Manchar which is a largest lake in Pakistan have server threats. In 2010, the incompetence Department of Irrigation its one Dam damage which is not yet re-construct.

The construction work still can not starts at the bridge of Zero Point , MC & AFP.

The three doors of Danstruah were not repaired for last 37 years. In 1994 the doors of Danstruach were broken which was a great diaster. Government ofPakistan must take proper care of these historical sites If proper actions were not taken these beautiful Wetlands will lose its importance.




Department of environmental program of United Nations said that in future there will be danger in the peace and security due to climate change.The office of environmental program said that there will be increase in natural disasters due to climate change.He also said that continuous destruction,conditions of food supply in the world are also responsible for the shortage of food in future.The statement of Security Council said that United Nations has the deep research of peace and security due to climate change