Bhutan boasts of more than 60 percent forest coverage but it comes with a heavy price

Human wildlife conflict has always been a part of rural residents. While most people seek to live in harmony with wildlife as they share the same resource, it comes with a heavy price. The issue had intensified after government banned shifting cultivation to protect the forests.

Other side of the conservation story

Bagmati river to get life in dry season

Struggling to flow, Bagmati River tries hard to prove itself as the river during the winter when there is negligible amount of water.

All this could however, change if the government´s proposed project to construct big reservoirs to collect water during rainy season and maintain control flow in winters or drier seasons.

A briny future for Bangladesh

Increasing salinity now threatens 17% of land in Bangladesh, according to new research carried out by the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC).

Bangladesh, a country with one of the highest population densities in the world, is also the country most vulnerable to sea-level rise. Most of the country is low-lying; and in some areas groundwater levels have dropped below sea level, due to climate change, overuse of groundwater and river diversion projects.

Two degrees of concern

An upcoming paper in the Indian science journal Current Science says the temperature rise scenario isn’t far away. It is just around the corner — by 2030 — and the predicted rise in temperature, primarily due to green house gas emissions,  is not one degree but somewhere between 1.7 to 2 degrees.