Pakistan is aware of Climatic Change ,says Reg.Dir.Met Mushtaq Alishah To Rashid Ahmad in His Radio Interview

Met department  is working in collaboration with Climatic Change ministry to mitigate the effects of climatic change.They have Monitoring station in defferent parts of the country to monitor the C.C. and have developed their early warning system.Talking to NBS Radio Pakistan regional Director Met.Department Peshawar Mushtaq Alisha  said that from Nepal experience of ice melting  we have learned too much and we have updated our system.He further said that the public awarness is very impartant in this regards.

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Rashid Ahmad is a radio journalist and is attached with radio since 1988,holds master degree in chemistry and M.Phil. degree in environmental sciences.He has been reporting for science and environment with special focus on Global warming and climatic change. He has authored four books,three in Pushtu,and one in Urdu. He also worked with China Radio International Beijing,and wrote a travelogue account of his stay and visits in China intitled "Parion Ke Des Main".He also carried out his research work on Environmental .

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