2005 and 2010 floods in Pakistan due to climate change

Pakistan saw a flood in 2005 due to ice melting and another one in 2010 due to climatic change but still has done nothing to face such a situation in future.There is no advance flood warning system,says Engineer Abdulwali Yousafzai.

Engineer Abdul Wali Yousafzai, a specialist and expert in hydrology said that Pakistan witnessed two devastating floods in 2005 and 2010 due to climatic change and global warming.In 2005 excessive melting of ice cape due to sudden rise in temperature and another in 2010 due to combination of other factors.He said the country must take adaptive measures to meet any other such type of emergency.He said we requested gov. of Pakistan several times but there is no response to install advance flood warning system.He revealed that if such systems are installed in the hilly and mountanous areas of Chitral, Dir ,swat and other areas we will have 12 to 21 hours time for Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and more than a week for Punjab and Sindh to make preparations and meet the crises and move public to safe sites.But still we are waiting for Gov. response.
He further said that we have made the request repeatedly but in vain and if the floods of intensity like that of 2005 or 2010 occur we will witness more horrifying results than the lost one.

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