Battle in the Himalayas

Saurav with Apa Sharpa [ Photo by – Paribesh Pradhan ]

Apa Sherpa’s battle and struggles in the Himalayas- to raise awareness about Climate Change in the mountain communities and the successful completion of the historic Great Himalaya Trai-Climate Smart Celebrity Trek (15 Jan-22 April 2012).

I spent more than three months traversing Nepal’s harsh mountainous regions, taking stock of the life of vulnerable people and assessing the impacts of climate change. Along with Apa Sherpa, the 21st-time Everest summitter, I completed a grueling 1,555 kilometers trek which took me to some of the highest Himalayan passes and acquainted him with diverse cultures, lifestyles and people.

After return to Kathmandu on April 20, 2012 I had shared my experiences through local media. Moreover, I am producing short films on changing livelihoods that I shot during the trek. I haven’t left my mission of storytelling of people particularly in Nepal’s northern territories. I am continued my work through as an online editor.

Now I am more into exploring the Information and Service delivery System in Local level, that effect people daily life and adaptation approach in environment changes. I also want to explore the socioeconomic changes and identification of adaptation/coping mechanisms of the mountain people hear in Nepal.

To do that I am focusing on three things 1, Connectivity 2, Content Creation and promotion of those content.

The rural places are not yet to be connected with any media presence like there are not mobile network or any Internet footprint. I have identified 62 different locations along these 1555 KM where there is no connectivity.

Now  we are organizing “Travel Story Camp” in community people to create local content . Where we focus on digital story telling,  train the participants on storytelling skills.

At the camp, they will be taught how to conceptualize report, collect stories and information related to it, and finally to design the content so that it could be made presentable for internet (Digital footprint). In the camp, they will be given hands on knowledge on audio and video editing tools. Moreover, they will be taught to exploit social media tools like facebook, twitter, Youtube etc to the fullest to publicize their contents.

Apa Sherpa’s Battle in the Himalayas

Great Himalayan Trail – Storyteller


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