Places Prone to be Affected by Climate Change in Sri Lanka

Dr. Punyawardena, expert in climate change issues in Sri Lanka, told the SLBC that the Northern, North Central and Hambanthota and Rathnapura districts are prone to be badly affected by climate change. He added that it is a crosscutting issue and has deep implications on many fronts including country’s economy. An expert panel representing various sectors is working on preparing compressive plan to tackle bad effects of climate change.  Vice-chairman of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change , co-laureate Nobel Peace Prize 2007 , Sri Lankan Professor  Mohan Munasinghe, once noted that northern part of Sri Lanka where Tamil rebels and government troops were fighting due to be submerged as sea-levels rise.  News Story Carried in the Main News Bulletin of the SLBC (3.55 min of the clip)

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