Jamuna river erosion and impacts

It’s all about a story of river erosion. This story may or may not connect with climatic change but people believe it’s an after affect of melting of Himalayan Glacier. No matter this erosion factor connected with climate change or not (it’s a continuous debt) but people are suffering and that’s the only point I was trying to make. People of Sirajgonj district who are living just by the bank of Jamuna River, affected by the mighty river.
I tried to focus on the

Teesta water sharing

“Teesta River and it’s impact on the Bangladesh’s environment and climate.

Op-ed about Teesta River

m, India and then it’s flow towards Bangladesh. Almost 30 million Bangladeshis are depending on that river water in many ways. Farmers, who produce rice and other crops used to use that water for their irrigation. But now a days water is coming less then before. Bangladesh claimed this shortages is destroying Bangladesh and country’s farmers. They also claimed; India is diverting water from their part; as they are the upper riparian side. For this shortages affected climate & environment of this country, which is overwhelming.”