Pakistan must secure her natural resources,minimize water loss and the factors responsible for climatic change.

Pakistan conservation manager speaks on CC 07’07’2013Pakistan has a large amount of water which must be conserved and water loss must be minimized.She has one of the largest irrigation system of the world.Where a large amount of water is lost.The water stored in the glacier form which is lost due to climatic change must be conserved by minimizing the factors responsible for climatic change and global warming.The WWWf Pakistan conservation Manager Muhammad Zafar Khan said in an interview with Radio Pakistan Gilgit representative that Pakistan can minimize water loss and conserve it through public private partnership.Pakistan must conserve her natural resources and make its use sustainable to meet her future necessities.The northern areas like Gilgit,Hunza and Baltistan are prone to climatic change and other calamities.
Pakistan northern areas did not come out of Atta Abad lake saga which was formed due to glacier melting and land sliding ,and resulted in the submersion of a large portion of K.K. highway.


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