Extreme cold wave as an effect of climate change

The entire country is shivering in cold. The cold wave is set to sweep through Bangladesh for another couple of days. The Met Office says there is a possibility of another cold wave visiting the country near the end of this month. People are falling victim to this extreme cold and dust. The number of patients is increasing in the hospitals. This time the temperatures have dipped to a record-breaking low after 2.8 degrees Celsius of 1968. Even Dhaka saw severe cold recording 8 degrees Celsius on Friday. The northern district of Syedpur recorded 4 degrees. The Met Office says a cold wave sweeping from Bangladesh’s north-west is mainly responsible for the sudden dip in mercury. In the meantime the number of patients suffering from cold and dust has risen by 30 percent. Climatologists say this drawn out cold spell is a direct fallout of climate change.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zME5mDx2Pd8

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