Solar energy institute, electric mobility mission to back India’s clean energy goals

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Subhra Priyadarshini

India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh inaugurating the ministerial.

India will set up a national institute of solar energy in the next couple of years and implement a national mission on electric mobility, as part of the country’s commitment to the greater use of clean energy. India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced these measures at the Fourth Clean Energy Ministerial inaugurated in New Delhi today saying they would help the country substitute the use of fossil fuels and reduce the ‘collateral damage associated with carbon emissions and other green house gases’.

Singh was addressing the conference attended by ministers and delegations from more than 23 economies accounting for 80 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions and 90 per cent of clean energy investment. The conference also saw representation from international organizations, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

Singh said India’s proposed solar energy institute would conduct international standard R&D to create more affordable and convenient solar power systems, and promote innovations that enable the storage of solar power for sustained, long-term use.

The electric mobility mission was launched in January 2013 to ensure national energy security, mitigation of the adverse impact of vehicles on the environment and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities. It lays down targets and vision for the use of eco-friendly electric vehicle technologies in India by 2020. “I am happy that the Government of India will be joining the Electric Vehicle Initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial,” he announced.

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