Medicinal Plants depleting in Northern Pakistan due to Climatic Change and anthropogenic activities.

Principal Scientific Officer of PCSIR Labs. Peshawar Mr. Shahid Faruq  revealed in his radio interview that in Pakistan there are more than 10010 species of Medicinal plants in Pakistan.More than 300 are these high altitude areas.Some of the plants are depleting due to their high value and are exported to other countries.

Mr.Shaid Faruq is a Botanist and has co-authored  a book on medicinal plants of Pakistan and is carrying research on medicinal plants.He was invited  to our live programme “Climatic Change and its effect” broadcast live from PBC Peshawar on NBS(NCAC) Network for three days.

Mr.Shahid Faruq also revealed that 9 species are endemic to northern Pakistan and are exploited too much.One specie is used for antimalarial drug in China.

Global warming and excessive anthropogenic  activities ,over population and floods are the main cause for the depletion of these species.He said that anthropogenic activities are the main cause for this world heritage loss.

PLease listen to programme on the link

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